Restaurante Tantra

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One-of-a-kind International cuisine
Tantra's serves mostly inspired Indian food with a few traditional Puerto Rican dishes. They offer an extensive vegetarian menu. Some of their more original offerings include garlic churrasco with tandoori mofongo, lobster ravioli with coco curry and vegetables and Caribbean-spiced duck.


    • em333
      em333 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      really don't go here. This is a terrible restaurant.
      Once upon a time this was the best restaurant in PR. I went for a birthday party recently and we waited hours for food; in fact, after two hours we had to leave without eating and go back to our hotel and order pizza. The restaurant is so empty on the weekends it is a shadow of its former vibrant self. The owner and manager were present the night we waited more than two hours for food in an empty restaurant, and they just didn't care. The waitresses are more interested in looking at their cell phones in the kitchen and gossiping than taking care of a table, and the drinks were watery, the glasses unclean, the food less than mediocre, and there was no belly dancer, no music, and no customers. On a Saturday night. Unless you enjoy being treated like garbage, don't ever go here.