Café Berlín

50% love it
European-style cafe
Cafe Berlin serves a selection of light dishes, pastries and excellent coffee, central Europe style. There are many traditional European dishes, plus an excellent vegetarian menu.


    • NorCalPat
      NorCalPat Over a year ago
      Loves it

      So good we went twice.
      History. First time here was years ago. The kindly waitress asked if I wanted more ice tea. Four glasses later on hot day, I was shocked to find that the bar wench was charging for each tiny glass. Hmph! That aside, the food is marvelous. As two homoVegetarians visiting PR, there aren't many choices. I always have a good time here. The breakfasts look tasty, but we are always there at lunch time.

    • tiorob
      tiorob Over a year ago
      Hates it

      cute location, very european. But the food was horrible. We had chicken pasta and the chicken was like a piece of wod. The calamari was so overcooked it disintegrated as you tried to eat it. The service was very slow. We waited 45 minutes for the worst food and too pricy.